miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Job Shadowing


lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Taller de Creación de Proyectos eTwinning

Durante los días 4, 10 y 11 de Mayo dos maestras del colegio han participado en un Taller de Creación de Proyectos eTwinning como consecuencia de las inquietudes generadas a partir del Grupo de Trabajo desarrollado durante este curso escolar, 2015-2016, en el C.E.I.P. Santa Marina y con el fin de adentrarse en el mundo eTwinning y empezar a aprovechar el mundo de posibilidades que ofrece y la ventana que nos abre hacia Europa.

Primer proyecto eTwinning en el colegio

Los niñ@s de 2º  y 6ºA de primaria han participado en un proyecto eTwinning esta Semana Santa creando tarjetas de felicitación que han enviado a otros niñ@s de diferentes países.

Job shadowing en Carlow, Irlanda

Del 21 al 25 de Abril dos maestras de educación primaria especialistas en inglés, el orientador y el director del C.E.I.P. Santa Marina de Badajoz se desplazaron al colegio Carlow Educate Together para conocer una realidad educativa diferente que nos ayude a cambiar y mejorar la nuestra.


All Wrapped Up

Get two people to wrap a present. Each of them should have one arm behind

their back.

The race

People form pairs and stay with their back at each other and a balloon betwen

them. They have to run from one side of the room to the other without loosing

the ballon.

Ballon Games

A balloon is held between the feet and passed to the next player without the

balloon touching the floor.

A relay race is made with a balloon being passed between players legs.

A balloon is passed through the row using 2 forks.

A balloon is brought to the opponents goal using a cooking spoon or spoons.

This game is played with 2 players who have the balloon between them either

back to belly, back to back or belly to belly. They must run through a specified

relay course.

Balloons are blown up from each member of the team and tied with a knot. All of

the balloons are rubbed on the clothing or hair and is stuck to the wall/piece of

cloth. How many balloons can each team hang up?

Hot Ball

Everybody stays in a circle and who catches the ‘hot’ ball has to quickly 

introduce him/herself:name, country, preferences and then throw the ball to

somebody else so as to avoid ‘burning’.

Name and gesture

Everybody tells his/her name accompanied by a gesture.

Then people have to remember the name behind the gesture

Helium Stick

Every team member has to keep both index fingers in constant contact with the

stick at all times. If even a single team member loses contact, the team has to

start over at chest height again.

The stick can only be resting on the index fingers. So team members can’t wrap a

finger over the top of the stick or slide fingernails over the stick, etc. (They

can’t force the stick down.)

Every team member must be standing and the starting point is chest height of

the tallest person. (You have to give this rule or everyone will drop to their knees

and try to cheat right away.)

The goal is to lower the stick to about one-foot off the ground.

Balloon game

Blow a ballon and write your name on it

Throw them in the air and play with them for a few minutes. (Music on the


No ballon should touch the ground

When the music stops everybody should catch a ballon and give it to the owner

Amnesia  - very active and sometimes noisy

How to play

There are many variants of this game, but the principle remains the same.

Everyone has the name of a famous person (fictional or real) stuck onto their

back (or forehead) in a way that everyone can read all the names except theirs.

By asking questions with yes/no answers, everyone has to work out who they

are. (Instead of famous people, subject related topics can be used.)

Guess the person  (sometimes , according to the group dynamics, more than 3

choices are needed)

Students are asked to write three names of famous people/characters on three

different pieces of paper.(any domain, dead or alive.)

The names are mixed in a bag/hat.

They are divided into two groups and one by one (in turns) have to come pick up

a name and describe him/her to the group without saying the name. Time – 1

minute per person. If the group guess they have one point and can pick up

another one, if they don’t guess, then the group has minus one point and wait for

the next turn. Unanswered  questions will be introduced back into the bag.

(It can also be used with different topics/teaching subjects.)

Find your half

The teacher writes different statements/formula and separates them in halves

on different sticky papers. (post –it paper could work very well.)

Each half information (any subject related) is stuck on a student’s back.

Then they ar required to find out the other half in order to complete the

statement/problem/formula by asking yes/no questions to the other students.

Materiales utilizados durante las diferentes sesiones